Outsource your video post-production operation with 3rd Party Video (3PV)

Meeting the Rising Demand for Video

An insatiable appetite for video content has meant higher production costs. But the video creation model is antiquated, making it increasingly difficult for content creators to produce high quality video consistently at reasonable prices.

And when you add skill gaps and staffing risk to the equation, video production at scale becomes cost-prohibitive and remains largely inaccessible to all but the big budget Brands and services.

Until now.

Just as 3rd party logistics (3PL) revolutionised supply chain management by outsourcing elements of its distribution, FastCut has done this for video post-production. We like to call it 3PV, or 3rd party video production.

What is 3PV?

In short, it means outsourcing your video post-production to us. With FastCut, you get a dedicated team to handle your post-production needs. Our FastCut teams can scale up or scale down with you, so you don’t have to wear the associated costs and risk usually associated with changes in volume. This is particularly useful if you have recurring, even cyclical video content needs.

Fastcut has become an integral part of our team. They seamlessly integrated into our business and helped streamline our post-production pipeline and client delivery.

– Michael Roach, Director, Blackbox

Is 3PV Right for Me?

Some organisations try to bring people in-house, but this brings additional fixed costs and reveals skills and capacity gaps. Others outsource to freelancers, but that also comes with consistency, quality, and capacity concerns.

With FastCut 3PV, you get to enjoy the luxury of a dedicated agency team with the flexibility and rates of a freelancer. FastCut becomes an extension of your team, one that can easily scale up or down without disrupting your organisational structure. It means you are never running under or over capacity, even if your volumes fluctuate.

3PV simply means outsourcing your post-production operation to FastCut for better control and lower operational risk. Reduce your exposure by turning your high, fixed cost into a market-responsive variable cost. Simply leave the grunt work to us and save time and money.

Let us construct a 3PV plan that is right for you.