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Animated Explainer videos are particularly useful when you need to explain abstract ideas or complex products or services. Instead of telling your audience, keep them engaged by showing them, with animated explainer videos. Whether you need to develop an original concept, or want us to work with existing visual assets or script, let FastCut bring your message to life with an animated explainer video.

We commissioned FastCut to produce an animated explainer video to tell our story. FastCut are true professionals. They provided great guidance from concept to execution of the final product.

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An animated explainer video is a short (usually 1-2 min) animated video that brings your ideas and messages to life in a simple, easy-to-understand visual format. Ideally your audience or customer base will gain a broad understanding of the not only the product or service you are offering but the benefits as well.

Animated explainer videos are particularly useful when you need to explain abstract ideas or complex products or services. It can also be an effective way to help your customers understand your point of differentiation, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to get your point across.

You can use your animated explainer video wherever you plan to promote your product or service to your customers. The main advantage of an explainer video is its versatility. You can use it on your website, landing pages, socials such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. It can also be the foundation for a TVC.

Show them, don’t just tell them. Animated explainer videos do not require extensive production so if it can be imagined, it can be communicated. Animated explainer videos can increase product interest and conversion rates of your products or services significantly because you are able to succinctly present a lot of useful information visually.

No. FastCut provides end-to-end animated explainer videos services so just bring your vision and communication objectives to the table. And a brief. And FastCut will bring your story to life. The best advice we give to clients is to provide us with as much information about your product/service as possible. This is your expertise. We will then tailor a concept and video to meet your communication needs.

The cost of an animated explainer video can vary and is generally driven by the complexity of the animation and duration of the video. A typical explainer video is usually 1-2 minutes long and if we apply standard, 2D animation (as are all the examples on the website), a budget of AU$5-10k should suffice.

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