FastCut Video Content

You can meet all your video content needs with FastCut. Just select a video type from the list below to check out some examples of our work.

Animated Explainer videos are particularly useful when you need to explain abstract ideas of complex products or services. Extremely versatile, you can inform and engage your audience succinctly and creatively with an animated explainer.


Black Box


Longform video allows you to personalise your business and let your customers to get to know the people within your business. Personal storytelling can also bring emotion into the customer experience and can make your company or Brand promise stronger and more relatable.

Life Without Barriers

MamaCare Mini Doco

Understanding Prostate Cancer

Digital Ads and Spots are short videos generally used to promote a product or service. Like TVCs, they are designed with a short, sharp message in mind to cut through to your audience. Digital spots are easily adapted to fit any digital medium.

Fetch It


Daigou Market

There is no doubt social media is a core component of the marketing strategy. Using short videos on your social networks can help reach a large and potentially wider audience.

Fetch It – Toys

MTS – Thank You


Animation and motion graphic treatments allow you to explain your businesses products and services to your audience with unlimited creativity. But it is important to pick an animation style that aligns with your Brand or service.

Advanced – BioBot

Standard – Blackmores

Motion Graphics (Basic) – MTS

Usually, a short and often upbeat video. This content is designed to promote your business, usually combining video footage and music to create buzz and give the audience a positive feel and message.

History of Food – Lot 1

Turf Australia

Jands (Shure)

Reach your audience with powerful and compelling, broadcast quality TV commercials for traditional media, YouTube and other mass mediums. FastCut can help you deliver TVCs from script to post-production on time and on budget.

Broadcast TVC – Bronchodual

DRTV – DiStefano

Broadcast TVC – Proactiv

Capturing the excitement and content from an event can be usable marketable content usually in the form of highlight videos, sponsor videos and customer testimonials. They also prove useful in promoting attendance for future events.

Jojoba Product Launch Event

e-Sports – Supanova

Burwood Festival

Whether your goals are around building brand awareness, customer loyalty or just telling your business story we can deliver a hero video to talk to your audience.


Sunburst Coaching

Start-Up (Opuz)

Not all video content is meant for the outside world. Video content for your internal stakeholders and employees can be just as important, and usually quite different. Popular internal videos are internal launch videos, corporate strategy roll outs, and content for themed company meetings.

Corporate Comms – MTS

Time Lapse

Internal Teaser

Video content for training and education purposes is one of the most powerful ways of delivering new information. FastCut can help deliver videos individually or within a series to help train and deliver your content.

Pharmacy Training – Nicotinell

Pet Flea Control

Online Training – Brain Injury

FastCut also provides editing services for TV broadcasters with bumper promos and television programming. FastCut can also help with scene development and casting when dramatisation is required.

TV Bumper Promos

Role Playing

Television-Grand Escapes