FastCut Video Content

You can meet all your video content needs with FastCut. Just select a video type from the list below to check out some examples of our work.


Black Box


Life Without Barriers

MamaCare Mini Doco

Understanding Prostate Cancer

Fetch It


Daigou Market

Fetch It – Toys

MTS – Thank You


Advanced – BioBot

Standard – Blackmores

Motion Graphics (Basic) – MTS

History of Food – Lot 1

Turf Australia

Jands (Shure)

Broadcast TVC – Bronchodual

DRTV – DiStefano

Broadcast TVC – Proactiv

Milestones – MTS

e-Sports – Supanova

Burwood Festival


Sunburst Coaching

Start-Up (Opuz)

Corporate Comms – MTS

Time Lapse

Internal Teaser

Pharmacy Training – Nicotinell

Pet Flea Control

Online Training – Brain Injury

TV Bumper Promos

Role Playing

Television-Grand Escapes