Recycle the UK TVC assets for the Australian market

With a small production budget and encouragement from head office to ‘use what we got’, conver the UK TVC and other footage into a compliant Australian TVC and adapt them for social media. Furthermore, the usage rights for the primary talent has expired.



We re-created the 30s UK TVC into a 15s TVC/digital ad to comply with the significant regulatory differences and footage usage limitations. It involved a full reviewed of the footage available vis-à-vis the unusable footage (talent expiry), a re-writing of the script, and the development of a new storyboard to create broadcast and digital ads for use across all media.


  • Creative Services (Strategy, Storyboarding, Copywriting)
  • Content Strategy and Output Planning
  • Raw footage evaluation
  • Post-Production – edit, graphics, music, captioning
  • Voice over artist sourcing
  • Social media optimisation


  • Acquisition/Shooting

Re-versioned TVC (AU)


The result was a fully broadcast ready compliant 15s TVC that aired in the Australian market, including the creation of a new end frame with local pack shots and local voice over talent. The 15s spot was then optimised for Instagram (9:16 formatting) and Facebook (1:1), which enabled the Australian market to use the vast majority of its limited spend on working media.

Overseas Original (UK)

Optimised for Insta

Optimised for Facebook