Develop content for Sydney University’s online Brain Injury training platform

Populate the recently launched Communications Lab to further the understanding of communication disorders following acquired brain injury (ABI). Leverage real patient stories to enhance the overall learning experience and to improve the communication between people with ABI, their family members, friends and carers.



In conjunction with the University, we identified, pre-screened, and filmed 4 unique ABI cases to present a variety of situations and communication challenges associated with brain injury. We involved carers and/or family members and picked locations to get a better depth of storytelling and to reduce anxiety, particularly with subjects that may not be as comfortable sharing and documenting their deeply personal stories to camera.


  • Creative Services (Strategy, Planning, Shot-Planning) 
  • Content Strategy and Output Planning
  • Pre-production (including Interview Guide Development)
  • Pre-shoot Patient interviews
  • Shooting – 4 days, multiple location filming (equipment & crew)
  • Post-Production – edit, graphics, music, captioning


  • Location Scouting

Brigitte’s Story


The result was 4 mini-documentary style patient/carer stories featuring 4 different ABI patients. In addition, 14 topical modules were also edited in post-production to populate a variety of specific topics to improve the overall impact of the online training platform.

Don’t Make Assumptions

Carer Challenges

Catch the Message