What to Look for when Choosing a Voice Artist

A voice artist is an essential ingredient to any video. It’s the voice that is associated with your Brand, responsible for advocating your key messages and unique selling proposition. Consider these 3 steps when choosing a voice over artist and you should be able to confidently pick the voice that’s right for your video. 

Step 1: Establish the BUDGET. Prices vary, so when earmarking a budget, keep in mind the duration and placement of your video. A 30s TVC campaign is different than a 10-minute internal training video. Here’s a good range, using a 90s video as a benchmark 

  • Tier I ($650-$2k+) – usually for TVCs and content for mass media
  • Tier II ($250 – $650) – popular for animated explainers, digital campaigns, and social media
  • Tier III ($250 and under) – often used in internal & DIY videos 

Step 2: Choose your SOUND: simply, choose the sound that you like. Kind of obvious, but it is a distinct step, not to be confused with style or direction (see step 3). Accents, age, and tone are key sound considerations when picking the right voice for your video project.

Step 3: Pick a STYLE: we all want a voice that best represents our Brand and it’s critical to establish a parameter for range, which is why this can significantly impact price. Can the artist deliver to the direction or the style of read you require? Is it “on Brand?” A seasoned professional can transform into anyone you want them to be, with the ability to target various audiences whether you want a hard sell, a soft sell, educational/informative or a theatrical piece (voice acting). 

Sample reads are often available and should be considered, but usually comes with added cost. Be sure to discuss this ahead of time so there are no uncomfortable surprises. But when the timing of the read is critical to the edit or if you really want to establish a specific tempo or pace, a produced session can be worth its weight in gold. If your video requires character voices or if your content will be amplified, it’s essential to pick the right style.

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