Telling a Tech Start-Up Company’s Story with Video​

Help raise corporate profile by positioning Escavox as an essential IoT service to help food producers and distributors significantly reduce waste along the food supply chain. The video(s) will be used to help raise capital investment and to acquire new customers (increase sales revenues).



Use a mix of real footage & animation of people and processes to construct unique narratives that outline the many benefits of their technology to different stakeholders 


  • Creative Services (Strategy, Scripting/Writing, Storyboarding)
  • Pre-Production (including Interview Guideline development)
  • Content Strategy and Output Planning
  • Animation 
  • Shooting – 2.5 days, multiple location filming (equipment & crew)
  • Drone acquisition
  • Customer and CEO Interviews (zoom & in-person)
  • Post-Production – edit, graphics, music, captioning, social media optimisation


  • Talent (provided by client)

Animated Explainer


The result was an animated explainer video and two versions (one for meat industry, one for produce industry) of the corporate story video for their website and for customer trade shows. Channel Nine used the video in a 2 min exclusive segment on the Evening News explaining how Escavox’s technology can reduce food waste.

Corporate Story – Meat Industry

Corporate Story – Produce Industry