Multiple Pieces of Content for Multi-Media

Create two videos for each Watch Storage Box sku (4) to establish a premium Brand image and to support e-retail sales through Amazon USA



For each sku (4), we shot and created an emotive ‘lifestyle’ spot to enhance the premium image and a shorter, more ‘functional’ video to highlight the features and benefits of the actual product. 


  • Creative Services (Strategy & Storyboarding)
  • Pre-Production 
  • Content Strategy and Output Planning
  • Talent & Location Scouting and Selection
  • Shooting – 1 day filming (equipment & crew)
  • Directing
  • Post-Production – edit, graphics, music, captioning, social media optimisation


  • Copywriting (call-out copy provided by client)

Brown Box – Lifestyle spot


The result was a series of 8 videos (a lifestyle and shorter functional spot for each of 4 skus). Each sku gave prospective buyers a compelling reason to trust the Tawbury Brand to store and protect their premium watch collection in style without seeing or touching the product. Tawbury quickly rose to become a Preferred Retailer and Top Seller by standing out amongst the online crowd.

Wooden Tray - Lifestyle

Wooden Box - Product

Brown Box - Product